Saffea Natural Products, a proudly Canadian company based in Vancouver British Columbia, was founded in 2007. This company is private, family owned and operated, with a dedicated team committed to the research, development, and marketing of premium products that are safe and effective in retail stores and online. Biologists, Natural Health Naturopaths, Herbalists, and Cosmetologists each with over 30 years of experience have worked to develop this trademark line of natural products that cater to the needs of consumers in various markets.

The name Saffea aligns with the value of the products and their ingredients. It captures a strong sense of clean, vibrant beauty that has been integral to the success of this company. Saffea means ‘clean and clear’ which is perfect to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle for men, women, kids, and babies. Saffea Natural encourages a love of natural ingredients and pure living for industry professionals, consumers, and their families.

Saffea Natural’s organic and natural herbal blends are inspired by traditional herbal healers. We create the highest quality by extracting Lentisque, and Barbary Figs, from berry seeds and taking the best nutrients from every ingredient. Every product is made as vegan, hypoallergenic, Halal, and Kosher as possible, and free of gluten, harmful preservatives, excipients, and animal bio products.

Saffea Natural prides itself in providing integrity, loyalty, and client satisfaction on every level. Only the highest quality ingredients are chosen based on their influences in the efficacy of the final product, from the quality of the soil that plants are grown in, to harvesting, processing, and manufacturing. They’re formulated and designed to meet Canadian Manufacturing Standards and packaged to prevent any contamination.

Founder of the company, H. Amiar, believes the journey of learning and creation is never over. The specialists of Saffea Natural Products are driven to become skincare and holistic industry leaders under the Saffea name. With innovative techniques and advanced technologies, they offer quality products to create lasting client relationships. Saffea is a line that represents a quality, clean, and natural lifestyle for you and your loved ones.