3 Ways to Nourish Dry Winter Skin

Snow drifts from the clouds, dusting the streets and the roof of each house. Holding a mug of your favourite hot beverage, you stare out the window at the bare trees putting on their icy makeup. The shine of the world builds as that layer of white covers the town.
You’re happy looking at it from your window. There’s no way you’re going outside, though. Not because you don’t enjoy crunching through the snow, but because of the crisp dry air that will blast your cheeks.
The winter is harsh on your skin. It gets so dry and cracked that it hurts to touch.
What can you do to nourish dry winter skin? Create a routine with the following actions, and you’ll never have to worry about harsh weather again.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Water is the most natural and refreshing solution to keep your skin hydrated. The more you drink every day, the more youthful and nourished your skin will feel. It helps maintain your skin’s elasticity, creating a healthier look. 
It can be challenging to drink the recommended amount of water each day, so set reminders for yourself to stay on track. Or get a water bottle that has the time of day on it so you know how much water you’ve had and how much is left to go.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing your hands can make your skin feel drier than it was, especially if you do it frequently. But if you have the right products, you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your skin. Saffea Essentials uses natural and organic formulas in our hand sanitizers and hand soaps. Wash up as frequently as you’d like at home or on the go while enjoying the nourishing benefits of our star ingredient Lentisque oil. You shouldn’t have to limit how often you wash and sanitize for fear of making your hands worse. Go through your daily routine stress free and let the nutrients soak into your skin.


Nourish Your Skin from the Comfort of Home

Do you often shower at the start of your day? Maybe you prefer to relax in a bubble bath after a long workday. Regardless of your choices, that hot, steamy water we love to soak in can dry out your skin as badly as the air outside. 
Luckily, Saffea Essentials has body wash and lotion for after you bathe to maintain that soft, healthy look you strived for with your sanitizers and hand soaps. Our organic formulas offer deep cleansing that lasts for hours. Use as liberally as you please to feel wrapped in the comfort of nutrient rich relaxation.

Love Your Skin All Year Round

Stay hydrated and include Saffea products in your daily routine, so the harsh winter cold will feel as soft as the springtime. Grasp your mug of hot cocoa and gaze out the window not with the fear of going outside, but with a sense of peace. Natural. Organic. Clean. Simple. That is Saffea Essentials, the name to trust for excellent skin care.