4 Reasons To Get Your Shampoo & Conditioner From Saffea Essentials

Clean cruelty-free living is more accessible than ever with the advancement of all natural beauty products, available for both women and men. Saffea Essentials, based out of Vancouver, BC, is dedicated to helping our fellow community members get involved in this mission while also taking care of themselves. Our herbal beauty products are gentle on the hair and skin and are the superior choice when it comes to your daily bathroom essentials.

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Worry-Free Ingredients

When you look at the back of your shampoo or conditioner bottle, how many of the ingredients can you pronounce and recognize? You should know exactly what is being used on your hair and feel confident it can help you keep it healthy. The all natural beauty products here at Saffea Essentials are created with herbal, organic ingredients that you can feel comfortable using on your body. 

For All Hair Types

Everyone’s hair is different and needs to be taken care of with specific herbal beauty products. Saffea Essentials’ holistic, organic brand understands this and has answered the call with shampoo and conditioners for all hair types. Regardless of your hair’s color or texture, or your skin’s unique needs, our products are safe and provide real results. 

Herbal Blends

A key part of our all natural beauty product formulas are the unique herbal blends that are integrated into each of them. The Saffea Essentials shampoos and conditioners utilize ingredients and extracts that come from Mother Nature, combined to support optimal hair health.

Family Business

From our family to yours, Saffea Essentials is passionate about helping women, men, and young children across British Columbia care for their hair and skin. As a small family-owned business, we prioritize using organic, safe ingredients and promoting a healthy, natural lifestyle.

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